• hue


    - noun

    a color or shade. a gradation or variety of a color.

  • republic


    - noun

    a state in which supreme power is held by the people. #huemans

We, the Huemans, are a design union that curates conversational lifestyle art tailored for those who embrace diversity, exploration, AND exclusivity.

"Simply put, Hue Republic was conceived for those who think and live outside the box, unapologetically. The canvas of life is meant to be explored and stroked beyond its imaginary borders."

-J. Savvi Hue, Executive Creator

STEMM | Social. Tech. Energy. Music. Math.

Engineer. Artist. Producer. Entrepreneur.

Hi, my name is Savvi, and I'm a serial problem solver and creator-holic. Yes, I made that word up. Most of my life, I felt like a black sheep. Not in a negative way though. I was highly in tuned with the sensibilities and nuances of my environment, absolutely adored it and thrived socially, however I could rarely limit my thoughts to any one space and time. I'm driven by curiosity, even driven mad by it at times. My career as an I.T. Solutions Engineer for several multi-national companies has afforded me the ability to travel and work with many diverse #huemans from various cultures. On the flip side of the same coin, my journey as an acclaimed music artist has awarded me priceless opportunities to cross paths with iconic #huemans who have pushed culture forward. These experiences are only the tip of the iceberg of what has shaped me. My ultimate goal is to create art that transcends space and time while celebrating the full #hueman experience. This is a lifelong pursuit that I work obsessively to achieve. Those of the religious ilk would say it's a calling. I call it living. My name Savvi was crafted by combing three words, Shrewd and vivid. I'm a man of few words and have talked about myself more than I care to, so let me wrap this up B. I guess I said all that to say, I'm just a nerd that likes to do fly shit, and I want to do it with you. Welcome to the Republic of Hue.

One love.

J. Savv

Hue Republic | Articles of Consideration

We, the Hue-mans in order to form a more perfect and perpetual union, between life and style, establish a society as subscribed to our fundamental truths:

I. To be self evident

II. No innovation without representation

III. Growth Domestic Product

IV. One Nation under a groove

Friends, #huemans, countrymen and countrywomen let your inner hue shine through. Obtain your Hue Republic citizenship by subscribing to the above concepts, below.